If you are 18 years or older you may qualify for Free Women Wellness exam and a follow up If needed. An initial wellness exam is a patient’s initial visit to a health care provider for wellness services. This visit at Lux Medical Center in South Florida provides an opportunity for the patient’s immunization history, health and personal risk factors to be reviewed and allow for appropriate health screenings (e.g., diabetes, sexually transmitted diseases, blood pressure, Pap smears) to be conducted as needed. A Free follow-up wellness visit is a patient’s return visit to the health care provider who performed their initial wellness visit in order to review or conduct screenings based on their results. Labs Test are done in the office at not cost. 

If you’re sexually active and/or older than 18, protect yourself with gynecological exams. Regular check ups are the best way to catch conditions at their earliest stages when treatment is most effective.

It’s your body, but lots of people are counting on you to take very good care of yourself.

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